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Five Easy Ways to Increase Targeted Website Traffic

Any profitable affiliate marketing business relies heavily on website traffic. Affiliate marketers and most any website owner looks to get as much targeted website traffic as possible.

Depending on the webmasters motivation, this traffic can help he or she build a community or increase sales and website conversions. Here are five ways most successful affiliate marketers use to increase website traffic for long term success.

#1 Blogging. This is similar to keeping a journal where you write informative and interesting articles for your readers. The articles you create for your blog can also contain links to your static website.

These are called backlinks and the links provide extra weight in the search engines which gives your site higher rankings and more website traffic. Make a blog on and you will start getting traffic in 2-3 days from Google. Google will also spider and promote your blogs RSS feed in many sites across the net for free.

#2 Forums. This is a fun and guaranteed way to promote your online affiliate marketing business. Simply find a few forums related to your niche market and interact with other members by asking questions and posting answers.

This is also a great way to learn your market, help others and sell to your target market more effectively. It is not okay to blatantly advertise in a forum but most forums will provide you some space below every post you make in what is called a signature to add a link back to your website.

You usually set this once in your forum profile area and every post you make in the forum automatically has your signature attached to it. It can be changed any time.

#3 Viral Marketing. This is one of the oldest, most effective yet least used forms of online marketing. It can be done in many ways to good effect and can bring you steady website traffic and income for life.

You can get your feet wet with viral marketing by giving away an ebook on your website and have a couple of links to an affiliate product or back to your website right in the ebook.

Give the ebook to your visitors who sign up for your newsletter and if it has useful information, they will happily send it to their friends. This can easily make your website traffic snowball as new people are reading your content who want to read it all from this initial promotion.

#4 Social Marketing. One example being MySpace, one of the largest websites online, which is now widely used by Internet marketers to market products in very specific markets. MySpace is a social site that makes it very easy for people interested in a topic to get together and share content, and for marketers to blend in and promote their niche products and services.

#5 Article Distribution. A powerful way to increase backlinks and website traffic, there are hundreds of article directories that will accept your article and small resource box with links back to your website, and post it on their site. From there, other website owners will pick up your article and post it on their site!

This will bring you direct website traffic from people reading the article on the other sites, clicking to visit your site. You will also increase search engine traffic to your own website from the increase in backlinks you get from these other websites publishing your article and its author resource box with links back to your site.

Of course, all of these traffic generation techniques are different in how hard they are to do for a beginner affiliate marketer. The smart affiliate marketer tests each technique by itself and learns how it works before testing a new technique or method.

They also differ in how much money you may need to really make a decent impact in the use of the technique. For example, in viral marketing you may want to hire a flash designer to create a viral video for you, and hire someone else to submit the videos to the 50 or so video sites to get maximum exposure.

Or you can start for free by submitting free rewritten articles to article directories. This will increase targeted traffic to your website and some affiliate programs now give you free articles to use to make getting traffic and thus selling their products easier.

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