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Features Of Good Product

There may be some features that you don t want everyone to see, or that may require some setup. Just put them in the product but don t worry too much about how they all get set up thats for some other group within your organization to care about.

Your job as a product manager is just to get the feature in the product, not to figure out all the details of how customers will enable the feature. Sure, it might be possible to make the process smoother, and customers may have to jump through hoops, but if they really want it they are ready to make effort.

If you want to be a good product manager, realize that technical superiority only matters if it provides value to your customers. Whether your solution is better than the status quo or the competition is a judgment made by the market, not by your engineers.

Technological innovation is worthwhile when it can be translated into benefits for the customer. New technologies always have benefits, and they almost always have side effects as well. Technologists often only focus on the benefits of the technology, and either do not consider importance.

In my experience its peoples aspiration for the experience that drives purchasing decisions. Ultimately, their aspirations may be different than the reality. A few years ago I did an extensive in-home study observing use of particular computer hardware peripheral.

Most people had high-end models with many features. But in my observation of use, only one power user went beyond using anything but the core, basic features. All the products have different types of features depending on their quality which has been developed in it when it been manufactured.

Beside this the product also has the advantage and disadvantage depending on its use. Features mean the quality or characteristics of the products. Features include the full description of your product or service you providing to the customers its very important.

In this you fully describe the each feature of the product or service. Such as a Toothbrush has the feature like soft bristles, flexible head, etc. By describing your feature properly you can make a good approach of marketing.

When you are developing your marketing approach you should post the feature in a box or in brochure with full lists so you can post it with full descriptive. Some of the components have the specific features. Features can also include what software include and network components.

Features have the strong responsible that the customer know about the product or service you give them and make realize them how much useful to them. Feature can make your product more popular.

Features include Generic, Product item, Model version, Vendor code, etc.

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