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Factors Affecting Asbestos Removal Costs

Asbestos removal costs vary greatly. One of the things affecting the cost is the materials that need to be removed.

Asbestos-containing materials have been widely used in new constructions for decades. There are some regulations in place concerning new materials that may or may not contain the substance, but the pollutant continues to be a problem.

Flame resistance has always been the major advantage of asbestos-containing materials. Because of that, the compound can be found in any area where the threat of fire was considered during construction of the building.

Items that may contain asbestos include:
* Floor tiles
* Bricks
* Paint
* Ceiling tiles
* Insulation
* Plaster
* Pipes
* Ductwork
* Decorative walls
* Acoustic walls and ceilings

Some items are not a risk unless the building is being demolished. For example, the microscopic fibers present in bricks and ceramic tiles would not be released unless they were ground to dust.

Even then there might be no risk if the temperatures used during manufacturing were very high. One of the methods for rendering the material safe is to heat it at high temperatures to turn it into glass.

Other items in a building are very risky. Insulation and spray-on plaster used for decorating walls and ceilings are examples. Simply brushing up against those surfaces can release the material.

Asbestos removal prices can be high when a building includes a number of problematic items. A combination of removing the items or encapsulating them may be necessary.

Unless pipes and ductwork need to be replaced, it may be more cost effective to cover them with a material that ensures the hazardous fibers will not become airborne. A material called lag cloth for example can be used to cover pipes and other items that have been coated with the substance.

Asbestos removal prices are as high as they are for simple reasons. Companies that specialize in removing the material must purchase special equipment to protect their workers.

Specialized vacuum systems must be used to clean up when the work is done. Only class H vacuums can be used for the purpose. Any other type will shoot the fibers back out into the air.

Curtains of polyethylene film must be used to seal off areas in which asbestos-containing materials are being removed. Even the rolls of duct tape needed to secure the areas are costly.

The asbestos removal costs are low when compared to the cost of treating health problems caused by the material. Regardless of how much you have to pay, it is money well spent.

Asbestos removal cost is more than off set by the life saving eradication of the cancer causing fibers that float from it into the lungs of everyone who comes in contact with it. Asbestos removal cost may seem especially high when considered in a vacuum without regard to the terrible physical effects of asbestos fibers when breathed over a long period of time.