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Explain web hosting to Cirtex please

To date, I have 3 hosting accounts. One of those accounts is used primarily to host my my proxy network which is hosted at TMZ Hosting. They were awesome, until they decided they wanted to upgrade their servers, which would be a good thing to new subscribers to the service. But to others like myself, who have over 50 sites hosted with them, it can be a huge headache changing out the DNS for the new ones. Now, it is my fault for not changing them all at the allocated time because my traffic is all but gone now. But all in all TMZ is awesome for proxy networks. is okay for now. They are horrible in customer relations but great in customer service. I had a couple of sites which were hacked into while I was on vacation and instead of notifying me via email, they just shut my sites down. No phone calls, emails, IM, nothing. But, after calling customer service they easily showed me what occurred and how to proceed in getting the sites running again. On the other hand, they are good for WordPress blogs, being that you don’t have to manually go into the hosting account and change out the .htaccess file when updating your permalinks, I had issues with other hosting companies with that. Lastly, only allows 50 sql databases, so if you a fan of wordpress blogs, you will be limited to 50 sites.

And to the worst hosting companies that I have dealt with so far, Cirtex hosting. Not only are they horrible for wordpress blogs, they are horrible for video sites as well. I started with Cirtex because they were recommended as a host that will allow adult material and has great speeds for videos, boy was they wrong! First, let’s talk about using Cirtex for WordPress blogs, the sites load very slow and you have to manually go into the hosting account to find the .htaccess files to change your permalinks if your into the SEO thing. Next, try setting up your email accounts with their service. They make it so difficult. I usually like to keep the same password for all of my email addresses, just to keep organized and sane at the same time. But, with Cirtex they won’t allow you to have a simple password, it must have one Capital letter and a special character like !@ or a number in order for it to be accepted.

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