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Easily Create Your Product From PLR

You have downloaded a new PLR package and you want to make it yours exactly where do you start?

The absolute first thing is to read the license. Find out exactly what you can and most importantly what you can’t do with it.

Take the time to read the product, listen to it or watch it depending on the type of product. Take notes as you go through it and mark what you like and what it may be missing. Every product will have pluses and minuses so be realistic in your assessment but these notes will be valuable when you start your editing.

Now you have an idea of the quality of product you have. You know the exact rights you have. It is time to make a decision.

You can use this any number of ways subject to your rights.

1. As an “ethical bribe” to build your list
2. As a product that you can sell
3. As content for any number of things like articles, podcasts and videos
4. It may be something that you need to add more to it

For the balance of this article we will assume you are going to use it as a product and it is an e-book. The e-book is almost good enough as is. If it is not you could combine a couple products and combine them to make a product using the same basic techniques.

Go back to your notes and we will now edit the e-book. Put your voice into it. Add content where it needs it to increase the value that you provide to your customers. Once you have made your edits and added any appropriate links you need to add your own about the author information. This is where you can promote your agenda.

Quick aside – For a paid product you should only add limited links. For example if you are talking about building a squeeze page which requires web hosting a link to your preferred web host would be okay. Just make sure any links on a paid product add to its value. If you are creating a giveaway product you can use more links.

Once you have finished editing the e-book it is time to come up with a name and new graphics. I prefer to create the title, check to see if I can get a domain that goes with the title. If not I will keep trying different titles and domains until I get a good match. Now it is time to edit the graphics.

If I received psd files and can just change the names I will usually do it myself. If they don’t I will usually outsource it. What you do depends on your skill with graphics. The main thing is to make sure that you have good graphics for your new product that are different from what you received. You need to be unique.

Next you will need to edit the sales letter. Depending on the quality of the sales letter and how many changes you made to the e-book you may need just minor changes primarily in the graphics or it may need a total re-write. You need to make sure that you have a good offer. You can add unique bonuses (maybe another PLR product that you have redone) to increase the value.

Add your payment buttons and download pages and you are now ready to start promoting it.

For more information on taking PLR from download to money making product check out Mike Paetzold’s blog at The PLR Secrets.