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Does Anyone In America Not Have A Computer At Home?

In the fast paced world of technology today, it is hard to think that you could find a home without a computer. A computer is part of the necessary equipment of any home today. Today, everything is done using a computer. Even my elementary age kids have homework that requires them to do it on the computer.

How did we ever get along without computers? This is even more so stated concerning business. It is almost beyond imagination to think about a business without a computer. To do anything in business manually today would be frowned upon. No business owner today is willing to pay for things done manually when it can be done in 1/20th of the time by using a computer.

It is beyond question that efficiency in business has improved because of the use of computers in the workplace. However, have they lost anything because of computer use? Businesses perhaps have not. The American family, however, may be another story. Many families in America are without an employed person in the home. Are computers to blame? Have hard working Americans lost an ability to provide because of the computer?

We should keep in mind that computers have created a lot of jobs that this country did not have before. There are many technical jobs that have come about due to the computer industry. The computer industry employs a lot of people.

However, we cannot turn our backs on the fact that jobs have been lost because of the computer industry as well. As an example, an accountant certainly can take on a much larger load by themselves because of the computer. Labor jobs are the ones that have been lost as a result of computers.

It may be that if we did a study we would find that jobs lost versus jobs gained due to the computer may come out with a positive gain. However, what we need to look at is the kind of employees that lose their jobs due to the computer versus the kind of employees gained because of the computer. The jobs created by the computer industry are for a much different segment of the work force. The bulk of the jobs lost were those who employed laborers. This causes a large mismatch of skills needed versus those skills that are unemployed.

There was a day, long gone, when a high school graduate could provide for his family by making a living as a laborer. By working hard and staying loyal to a company, these kinds of people earned enough. These are the kind of people who are feeling the effects of the computer age.

So, should we toss out all of our computers? Of course we shouldn’t. That would be incredibly stupid. The computer is not the issue that needs to be resolved. So what is the answer to bridging this gap for this segment of America? Time will certainly help as the new generation grows up saturated with the technology skills that they will need, but in the meantime we need entrepreneurs who care about people and their families more than money.

Jordan Mcpelt is a professional author who has been an author long enough to know what life was like as an author with a typewriter versus computers. He prefers to use laptops from