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Development Tools under your Cloud Computing Environment — the approach

Cloud computing comes into focus only when we understand the need for data storage due to increasing data explosion. It is a fantastic way to increase capacity with flexibility without having to shell extra money and get forced to invest in new infrastructure. Cloud computing actually includes subscription-based service that easily extends the existing capabilities of the present in-house infrastructure.
The oldest form of cloud computing includes Managed service could computing which includes a managed service handling an application exposed to IT just like the virus scanning service for e-mail.
There are a variety of cloud-based services which includes apps, services which facilitate data storage to email hosting servers. There are various utility providers too which take advantage of a cloud computing model. The most popular one is SaaS (software as a service) which has many providers like There are many cloud-based aggregators available too.
For cloud computing to take off, there are tools that help out a developer to deploy an application to the cloud. Here Platform as a Service (PaaS) comes into perspective.
There are two paths that a vendor usually takes to create a development platform. The cloud takes precedence or the tool does, is what the vendor has to decide.
Cloud-first approach to PaaS: Here you firstly create a cloud platform and then start creating the tool that runs on it.
Tool-first approach to PaaS: Here a development platform is created first which is host-able and then push that platform for cloud deployment.
For many companies the cloud-first approach makes sense since some of them have a robust cloud platform along with experience and expertise in building proprietary development tools. But for most companies the cloud-first development process had several disadvantages.
Puts you into data center operations with software development taking the back seat
Development becomes difficult as the cloud deployment adds complexity to the tasks
Forces cloud porting for cloud deployment
A tool-first approach to PaaS is linear in process. First and foremost, we create a host-able development studio and then build the application and test it on standard hardware. The odd part for cloud-first vendors is most of the proprietary development platforms are delivered already so that creates a problem with the data logic but you can try moving them by finding another platform!
Closely related to SaaS, there are Web service providers who offer APIs that help different developers exploit the plethora of functionalities found on the web rather than actually delivering huge applications

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