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Dental Veneers In Phoenix Offer An Affordable Alternative

With the advent of dental veneers in Phoenix, gone are the days when bad teeth could only be replaced by dentures. Even the extravagant solution of capping in order to rectify cosmetic deficiencies is being used less and less. Dentures and excessive procedures have been replaced by a healthier and less expensive alternative.

Keeping your original teeth is paramount because of the resultant health problems that can come from tooth loss. But they also understand that simply repairing teeth is not always optimal. Dental veneers are a fairly affordable and healthier solution than other, more invasive treatments.

Smoking or illness can damage the exteriors of teeth, staining them, or rendering discoloration. Dazzling white teeth are not necessarily a natural quality, however desirable. Stained or darkened fillings, broken, ground down or crooked teeth can also make one feel self-conscious about their smile. Slim porcelain veneers look exactly like your tooth enamel and are customized to fit. They can help to create natural-looking white smiles.

Dr. Allen Peyghambarian of Paradise Ridge Dentistry is certified in cosmetic dentistry. Recently featured on a trendy television show, dental veneers are the focus of many inquiries. Dental veneers are made custom made to fit in a special dental laboratory in Phoenix. The size of the original tooth is reduced by a half millimeter before the veneers are installed causing them to feel more natural than other laminations which are bonded directly on top of existing teeth.

Cosmetic dentists are expertly meeting the public demand for veneers, Phoenix-style. Dentists can create a lovely smile with veneers whether the problem stems from trauma, illness, or habit. They can correct leaning teeth, fix misshapen teeth, correct teeth that are the wrong size, fix uneven spaces or gaps between existing teeth, and even repair chipped or worn teeth in addition to simply masking discoloration. Veneers are well-designed and applied, but like any prosthetic, they may necessitate replacement at some point. Your dentist or his assistant will most likely instruct you on caring for your new veneers as they are permeable like the enamel on your teeth and subject to staining.

We use the latest and most advanced technology only here at veneers phoenix or dental implants phoenix. Heartfelt gratitude to Jeannie S. Whisnant for her continuous support for the success of the subject.