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Custom Shopping Bags for your Business

One important thing for your business that can easily be overlooked is the shopping bag that you give to your customer. Nonprofits and some small startup businesses reuse plastic bags from other businesses. While it is admirable that they are attempting to reuse plastic bags instead of purchasing their own, their example should not be followed by businesses that are trying to make a name for themselves.

The bag that you give your customer is a great advertising tool. Other people will see the shopping bags who may not have heard of your company. Some of your customers may also have trouble remembering your business’s name, because they just popped into your store while they were out running errands. Having a shopping bag with your company’s name on it will remind former customers and put your name in the mind of new customers.

So what kind of shopping bag should you purchase to give to your customers? Plastic is certainly not the preferred answer. Businesses need to be environmentally responsible and choosing to purchase paper bags is a great way for them to do that. Giving out paper bags encourages customers to recycle the bag after they are finished with it. Paper bags are also studier than plastic so they can be reused again and again.

Printed twist handle paper shoppers are a great choice for your business, no matter the size. Unlike other companies, we do not charge our customers hefty fees for making plates or even freight. Both are free! Our order minimum is only 2,500 bags, so even small businesses can take advantage. Printed twist handle paper shoppers can have up to three colors. Our kraft and white kraft paper bags can have 100% coverage and our claycoat paper has 50% coverage. This allows you to do as much or as little printing on your bags as you want. And our bags just cost pocket change! You can create a custom printed 8x4x10 bag for as little as $.25 a bag! Just a quarter for a recyclable bag and powerful advertising tool that you can give to your customers.

And don’t forget! Our plates and freight are both free!

So if you are on the fence about giving plastic or paper bags to your customers, decide to create an image for your company that is memorable. Decide to be environmentally friendly. Decide to give your customers a sturdy bag that they can reuse. Decide to use printed twist handle paper shoppers.

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