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Crexendo Participates In Contests Intended For Young Entrepreneurs

Crexendo is a company that creates search engine optimization strategies for businesses both small and large. This means that they use a variety of techniques to increase the likelihood of a website appearing on a list of search results when someone enters relevant keywords into a search engine. Their available offerings include website designers or training to make your own website. Along with this, they are also strongly involved in contests and programs designed to promote website design among students.

One contest held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City was a chance for students there to try their skills at designing a website. The students did not require a lot of history in web designing in order to be a part of the contest. The students had to be full-time students with a full class load. As the students were so busy, their accomplishments are even more impressive. Some students took on the challenge of making a website for a business that did not exist and most were surprised that they were able to turn a profit with these businesses. There were websites created for companies that had never previously thought about a website, such as a Chiropractor who saw a drastic rise in clients after they had a website created for them.

When designing websites, the company’s own staff uses a proprietary software that was made accessible to the participants in the student contest. A comparable contest at another Utah school, Brigham Young University, began with seventy teams signing up for the contest, however, only seventeen teams were able to submit their websites by the due date. This makes sense, as website creation can be a more taxing process than people realize. One great thing about this competition was that thirteen of the seventeen student teams revealed their business acumen by earning money from their websites prior to the end of the contest.

Contests such as this one sponsored by Crexendo are very helpful to growing companies not only because they are ways to discover new talents, but they can show off their technologies and resources to those who might make use of them in their future careers. There is more to the contest that just the satisfaction of winning, there’s also a cash prize. It’s probably not a major stretch of the imagination to believe that similar contests are forthcoming.

If you need more perspective on this matter, feel free to click on Crexendo. Thanks to Paula F. Molnar for all the help in the fulfillment of the article.