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Creating An Organized Checkout Area For Your Retail Business

As a business owner, you probably already understand how important it is to keep your store clean and organized. Shelves must be stocked, organization must make sense and the areas surrounding your products must be dust free and clean of debris and dirt build up. There is one important part of the store business owners sometimes overlook though. The checkout counter is one of the most important parts of your business to keep clean and organized. Imagine being a customer in a store making a purchase. You have found the items you need and you are ready to head to the register to check out. When you arrive, the area is cluttered, dusty and overwhelming. You put down your items and the next thing you know, the cashier is ringing up ten extra purchases because of all the clutter on the counter. Worse, your items are edible and they actually get dirty while waiting to be bagged. If this sounds like an experience your customers are having, you need to act fast to fix it. Keeping your checkout space organized might be as simple as adding a few brochure holders or brochure displays, keeping clutter to a minimum and making sure the priority for the area is ringing up purchases.

It can be tempting to surround your cash register with trinkets and flair, but you should do your best to keep this to a minimum. Some store owners put magnets on their registers that advertise for other local businesses. They might also have fun stickers or pins displaying images that are cheery and welcoming. The thought and creativity are nice, but all it does is clutter up an area that needs to be streamlined and organized. Keep flair to a minimum and if you do choose to advertise for fellow business owners, be sure you are receiving the same favor in return.

One of the best ways to create an organized checkout area is to provide customers with what they need. Those who are signing checks or credit card receipts will need a pen. You can keep a selection of pens organized by placing a cup within reach of the customers. Mark your pens in some way so customers do not accidentally walk off with them. Consider adding large silk flowers to the end or attaching the pen to a string long enough for writing, but too short to leave the store with them.

Some business owners make it a habit to collection information from customers. You might want to send out a newsletter or coupons so they will be tempted to return to your store. Some have turned to the Internet to help distribute marketing information. If you request information from customers when they are checking out, be sure the sheet of paper on which they write is neat and smooth. Nothing is worse than trying to sign up on a torn, crumpled piece of paper.

Finally, keep the area generally clean. Wipe it down a few times a day with a cleaning spray that smells nice. This will keep the store smelling pleasant and it will cut down on the risk of spreading germs and sickness.

Stewart Wrighter recently purchased and set up several brochure holders introducing the high school musical to the community. His wife set up brochure displays throughout the community advertising her new boutique.