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Computer Experts Are Necessary For Any Business

Although it is becoming easier to repair computers at home, computer experts are recommended for complex repairs. To become an expert in computers, training is necessary. An expert understands the various different aspects of computers and is capable of troubleshooting. Both software and hardware are a computer expert’s concern. An expert in computers also understands the various platforms, networks and computer systems. Here are the basics that an expert in computers must know to be successful:

1. Learn Windows and Other Operating Systems

Since Windows is the most popular operating system, learning every aspect of Windows is recommended. The Windows operating system is one of the most vulnerable operating systems. Hackers can easily compromise the system and launch a debilitating attack. Most people recommend learning Linux or other operating systems to reduce the risk of hacking. Fedora and Ubuntu are often recommended for those with a desire to learn Linux. Experts should also be aware of the vulnerabilities.

Since Mac OSX is also a popular operating system, experts should learn the operating system to properly serve their customers. Mac OSX is specific to the MacIntosh computer and should be repaired according to the specifications and guidelines available.

2. Master Computer Programming Languages

Experts should master several computer programming languages. Common programming languages include: C, C++, PHP and MYSQL. Visual Basic for Windows programming is also necessary. Experts must know every language to address any problem that arises.

3. Learn Shell Scripting

Learn shell scripting because it is faster in many instances. The domain-specific programming language is commonly used for batch jobs, program execution, file manipulation and text printing. This UNIX-based language is essential to becoming a computer expert.

4. Learn Computer Hardware and Networking

Experts must know how to configure a network. Understanding the hardware required and the cabling required is a necessity. Experts can configure a single computer to a wireless network or configure multiple units to a network. When experts are proficient in all aspects of networking and computer hardware, they can better serve their customers.

For instance, experts may be required to learn about network cards, modems, routers, hubs and cables. Each of these components is a part of overall networking and is essential to connecting any computer to the network.

5. Know Disaster Recovery Planning

Experts must understand the latest in disaster recovery planning. This includes knowledge of cloud computing, virus removal, adware removal, spyware removal and encryption technology. Data protection is one of the primary concerns since many people are hacking cloud technology and testing the new technology’s vulnerabilities. Experts in computers can mitigate losses by developing patches and programs to prevent security breaches.

6. Learn Forensics Imaging and Analysis Services

Experts must know how to trace the evidence and locate the hacker if a breach occurs. He or she must even be able to trace multiple re-routes to find the individual responsible for the hacking incident. Once found, authorities can prosecute the individuals, but experts must first locate the source of the breach and prevent any future damage.

Master All The Concepts and Become an Expert

Once all the concepts are mastered and certification is obtained, expert status will be awarded. Remember the primary goal of any job is to help companies perform at an optimal level. Consider learning these concepts before becoming a computer expert. If a high level of proficiency is obtained, experts can earn a significant salary in the industry.

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