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Cloud computing providers and services for their clients

With the proliferation of devices via the internet, many providers came up with an idea to keep information in a centralized location? The centralization has allowed the users to optimally use the “public utility” of the web for access to their own resources. Certain benefits can be associated with centralized resources including cost efficiencies and an enhanced customer experience.

But what does that mean to me?

The typical internet-savvy consumer has always been using the cloud since many years but never could associate the word “cloud” with its experience. One would order goods from from years now which was actually a transaction occurring in the cloud.

Hence most consumer-facing businesses have already tried using cloud computing for their business needs. There have been millions of transactions on a business-to-business (B2B) scale going around the cloud. The consumers need to repose faith in the cloud which encourages more activity.

It does not matter at all if the data center infrastructure is part of a wider cloud offering or even the main focus, but there are other factors involved in a successful cloud business. No cloud platform, which is usually offered to users, can ignore high-performance and scalability coupled with low-cost data storage. A customer’s data is its core point, and data safety is the most important part of a successful cloud. At the same time, it is also important that the cloud service is an efficient, well-managed, and extremely flexible data center in its development as well as its delivery.

Cloud computing is the single-most hottest trending word in the IT industry. The drastic changes in the cloud world have impacted larger companies to launch their hybrid along with public clouds. Now even the telecommunication giants have got hold of the computing arena and aspiring for the top.

Recently, the $1.8 billion deal of telecom giant Verizon which involved the buyout of Terremark is known the world over as one of the ground-breaking deals of the decade as well as the cloud computing history.

Terremark has now launched its Enterprise Private Cloud which basks in single-tenant facility and also provides enterprise-class security and scalability to all its users. It is important for the telecom giant to continue innovation to thwart competition from other telco giants like Savvis, or even Tata Communications since competition is expected to brew strongly this year. The competition in the arena for cloud space is increasing with time.

Meanwhile Microsoft, the software giant based in Redmond, Washington, US has continued with cloud at the center as evident in its showcase of services in the WPC event. It has strived to manufacture, license, and support a plethora of cloud products as well as mobile services. With its user-friendly Metro UI, the companies is expected to launch Windows 8 amidst much fanfare and huge expectations from analysts, the world over.

Rackspace Hosting has been in the enterprise-level IT and cloud computing hosting market since nearly a decade now. The company has managed to bring data centers, networks and even hardware devices together. It has a competent set of web hosting services and provides cloud applications too.

Elan Emerging Technologies a well known Cloud Development Companies of India. It is having expertise in Cloud Application Development Services as well as provides better Cloud Software Services to the clients not only achieving the results but also high satisfaction rates by the Cloud Application Service Provider .