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Cloud computing buzzwords and the future

First, the Cloud Computing Technology is expected to be computing in the real sense of term in the future. The cloud is sure to engulf the IT world soon till the point of time that everything related to IT will be connected to the cloud. Computing will soon be the word that will be of any importance. The data centers are part of the private cloud which have privacy and critical information not meant for unauthorized eyes. It is evident that soon, since everything will be on the cloud, the term “cloud” will lose importance. Everything will be connected to everything else. The Internet will be a bigger network, so to say.

Secondly, the cloud computing concept is about fit and function and not about just buzzwords. The hype is not dead yet and most of the IT world is driven by hype that cloud computing is the next thing and the future without realizing that they themselves are caught in a cloud of network everywhere. There is actual thinking about the technology driving it. The business value is important there and the right fit will soon be ready after some failures in a few years. One needs to get better and better to use the cloud as a means of better ROI and productivity.

It is possible since security is one of the biggest deterrents of cloud computing, the aspect will be managed by a centralized trust. One will learn soon to manage once own identity in a cloud. There might be some sites which will validate identities and it is also possible that we might need a single sign-on as a requirement for verification in the online world.

Centralized data will soon prove to be advantageous. There would be huge data stores that would be accessible through a public API which is like watching over real time stock market behavior. Big data technology might be the future here; the most sensational being Hadoop, which will reach sizes which will never be heard in today’s world.

Mobile devices are expected to be extremely powerful and thinner, since everything in mobile computing has revolutionized IT. The reliance of clouds will grow within mobile applications and the mobile devices will have many more capabilities than what it has now. The data is expected to be stored in the cloud.

Cloud computing will get everyone to play the service provider. There is no limiting factor to this but focus will be diverted to application and business services. Employees will be able to access their company details after authentication through any device and can also transact and manage their work.

A big security breach might prompt companies to sort out the security issue. There will be a new real time, personalized service providers who will use big data, social media and mobility to the advantage of all. The convergence of social media, mobile and cloud is going to be a crucial factor in the future since governments would need technology to deliver services and even drive the economy in a big way.

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