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Irving, Texas – to celebrate half a century, the 2010 football cowboy, upstart in many cases the whole journey to the most valuable, relevant professional sports franchise.

February, July, and we will review the details of each season, people remember, games, drama and moments that have contributed to the legend of the U.S. team today, we continue the story of the 1978 season.

In their second Super Bowl in 2010, in a short time later, 1978 Cowboys continue to feel the benefits of Sport and Youth Affairs of the team known more experienced veterans. In 1978, the expansion of the League’s regular season schedule of 16 games, Finishing 12-4 overall with the Cowboys win their first-time equivalent of the highest consecutive NFC East title and the 13th consecutive season as the Cowboys insist that the name of the road in Los Angeles closure.

Next to the Orange Bowl, pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl with the Cowboys against the iron curtain years date. The result is still the largest in franchise history is sorrowful.

Story after the slow start this season, sustained a 6-4 door, as the Cowboys finished the year strong note, winning the last six consecutive games. Ground and air assaults, and closed strong on defense, particularly up to the first arm, Cowboys played 176 points against any team in the regular season the greatest profit competitors. Heading into postseason play six wins layer, which was shot in the Mavericks 20.5 points per game and opponent.

MVP: The 1325 Tony Dorsett code and Thomas “Hollywood” – Henderson as the team’s biggest star was again the most important players in the Cowboy’s Super Bowl is not his own masterpiece, but Staubach 1978 campaign, as well as any quarterback in the league strong. His 84.9 passer rating of Rugby, threatening to fight Cowboy brought dramatic game in a row.

Biggest win: Both teams ended December 4, the regular season, the Los Angeles Rams won the playoffs with 27 victories, 14, took advantage of holmfield Cowboys victory on September 17 at about 4 months later, cowboy, a more team up to 67.470 in the closing scene of the Los Angeles Rams 28-0: The game was tied for the third quarter, scoring 5 runs Dorset. Staubach threw for more than two points in the fourth and Henderson, applies to the interception returned 68 yards for the game.

Total losses of the most difficult Super Bowl XIII, of course, the income of this difference, the second time in four years, the Cowboys will lose the championship by four points with victory in the rival pittsburgh. Simple DENIM led 14-7 in the second quarter, but the advantage of pittsburgh 5021-14. MVP Terry Bradshaw threw the fourth quarter, its fourth td in the game a little more than half of the impressive return of 18 yards Linensiwang to a 35-17 Steelers Cowboy insurmountable lead. Staubach has improved to 35-31 Closed night landing, and the Cowboys could not recover in 22 seconds, the second offside Play the ball, and ran out the clock Pittsburgh’s four super Bowl titles in the 70’s one-third of the 20th century.

Great volorogh a moment: Cowboys fans with their pain and the office of Famer Jackie Smith, and memorable, the decline in the late third quarter of Super Bowl the team to solve the 3, not 7, the differences game. By the third and three with the Cowboys down 21-14, Staubach found the end zone to open the old warehouse, but he has squibbed Smith’s hands, as he sat down and tried to catch it this fall prompted the famous Cowboy who Ernalongji Baptist radio call “God bless his heart he must be more sick people in the United States. ”

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