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Cheapest Way to Celebrate in Style on Freshers Week

Celebrating Freshers Week in style is not going to be a cheap affair, especially if you make the most of all the promotional nights that the big clubs put on. Here are some tips to make the most out of a celebration without shelling out extra money.

Drink before you go out: As cheap as the drinks appear, its still cheaper to drink before you buy at the clubs. Limit yourself to a set amount of cash for the night, taking into consideration travel, entrance costs and of course drinks. Whatever you do, dont take your card out with you. If you use the card, you are likely to end up in an overdraft.

Clubs and Societies: Freshers fairs are opportunities for you to look at what the university has to offer in terms of extra-curricular activities. Anything from the cheese appreciation club to the punk society is available for you to sign up to, however some of these come with a price. Theres nothing wrong with taking up a hobby, but maybe one or two is enough. If youve already become a member of two societies, slow down and think whether youre really going to be able to juggle any more activities as well as your studies.

Joining the gym: If you really wish to join, then look into which membership would be best for you. Sport and health fanatics may benefit from getting a full membership which costs more upfront but saves you having to pay every time you attend. For the less fit among you, a cheaper membership that requires a small fee every time you visit the gym may be more economical

Getting Around: Taking taxis is always an attractive option, especially on a night out, in the cold. But, weigh up whether its really worth it. Consider if you can save GBP5 with a 15 minute walk or getting on a bus. If there is a big group of you then taxis may be more economical if you manage to fill them up.

Food and related costs: When you applied for your accommodation at university you would have had to choose between catered and self-catered halls of residence, both of which can cause budgeting issues. If you went for self-catered, then this is most likely the first time you have had to shop and cook for yourself. In the first couple of weeks you will just be getting to know people and so may not feel comfortable sharing food, but this is something to look into later on. Regular items like bread, pasta, milk etc could be cheaper if a group of people club together and share.

Bear in mind that you are a student and your loan has to stretch quite far to last you the whole term. Dont go buying things like expensive meat or other luxuries such as nice cheese, deserts etc. Youre a student now and so its time to economise. A good tip would be to buy lots of vegetables and fruit and always have staples in the cupboard. Eating fresh food, though maybe more time consuming, is much cheaper than buying ready meals and a lot better for you as well. If you have opted for catered accommodation you may think that you neednt worry about extra food. This is not usually the case.

Make sure that if youre paying the extra money for food that you make the most of it. Try and go to all your meal times, even breakfast no matter how early, otherwise you may find yourself spending money on snacks throughout the day.

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