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Challenges and Opportunities in the Mobile Application Development World

Mobile users have always been finicky about the whole user experience and also mostly prefer a look which is best for doing different types of activities like social networking, chatting, messaging, listen to music etc. easily. Developers always seek to create the native experience in mobile applications for better popularity.

The most profound change brought about by mobility is the great evolution from being connected to being converged. All applications including voice, messaging, location services and video now converge within the smartphone for an experience based on convergence. With the advent of SOA, several companies started the concept which included Connected Systems.

Mobile applications evolved from connected systems and now possess an arbitrary application which contain multiple applications for messaging, data, location and video services which are managed by different third party providers. Such Converged Apps are also run on a downgraded mode when the user is not authenticated. Most of the features are then downplayed for such users.

The Mobile Revolution
Mobility has revolutionized the various software distribution strategies that were present earlier to the fantastic “ring tone” business model. The ringtone business model reaches hundreds of millions of people with numerous ringtones and the list is always expanding. The developers have scores of options to replicate their applications and many more opportunities to market them since they are mostly dedicated to specific domains. For example, Angry Birds had a universal appeal and and proved to be preferable across different sections of the society as well as different geographic locations. There can be many mobile apps which can be targeted during a single year all pertaining to different markets and domains. There needs to be a family of mobile apps if one wants to delve into mobile application development since the degree of competition is extremely high and there should be a score of apps which need to be good enough for the “in-app” payment.

The business model now also allows for mobile apps to reach millions of users and for successful apps the demand is constantly high and there is a constant need for changes and enhancements to boost the user base.

Mobile application development and the advent of different mobile platforms pose a technologically complex new frontier for constant creation of innovative apps of different types and utilities. Attention needs to be given for support of multiple platforms, adherence to various security standards and a nice UX without escalating the costs involved to uncontrollable limits.

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