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Caravan Insurance – A Small Price to Pay For Freedom

Living or holidaying in the outdoors symbolises freedom from the usual constraints of modern living, but it is not all throwing caution to the wind, time and care still needs to be taken when it comes to caravan insurance. Rather than thinking of it as conforming to the rules of the suited professions, where box ticking is dish of the day; think of it as guaranteeing your way of living or holidaying. Caravans are at risk from accidents and bad weather as well as wear and tear, here are some top tips to keep your caravan safe.

Accidents arise from an oversight in safety, and in a caravan there are plenty of potential risks, especially if you own a static caravan in a park with other people. The major hazards are from gas bottle pipes, and damage from freezing water. Common accidents include lawnmowers slicing through gas pipes; to prevent this you should ensure that gas bottles are tucked well away, and have some sort of safety surround.

This not only stops the pipes being damaged, it also prevents tampering from young children. It is also essential to make sure that regulators are turned off when not in use. This can prevent a nasty accident should pipes get damaged, and it also makes the internal environment of the caravan safer too, as leaks through cooking equipment can cause a lot of damage.

If you use your caravan for holidaying in rather than living in, make sure that water is drained from the systems before winter sets in. Freezing water in pipes and toilets can expand and cause a massive amount of damage through burst pipes. If your caravan is in a holiday park, damage caused by burst pipes could be irreparable by the time it has been noticed.

Although water and gas are the main causes of accidental damage, the weather can be a big threat too. Unfortunately, in the face of nature, there is little that a caravan owner can do. This is why it is essential to insure a caravan against adverse weather as well as accidental damage. With all the care in the world, accidents do still happen, and just a small oversight could mean losing a home if you do not have adequate caravan insurance. Attention to detail can be the one thing that enables a lifestyle that reflects the freedom in nature, a small thing to do, but that will give a peace of mind for any caravan owner.

Dom Donaldson is an insurance expert.
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