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Car Accident In Scotland? More People Are Making Claims

There are many aspects that you need to understand if you want to make a claim for a car accident in Scotland you may have been involved in. In all probability your car will be insured, though the coverage may vary depending on the type of policy chosen. If you have injured yourself, then you need to make a separate claim as it cannot be clubbed with claims made for damage of car. There are four types of claim that you can make:

a) Past wage loss
b) Future wage loss
c) Solatium
d) Other services

Past wage loss is not difficult to calculate. If for some reason the claimant has missed worked due to a car accident then the total probable earnings for this period is calculated. The net loss due to the accident is calculated and the amount is paid to the claimant.

Calculating future wage loss is not as easy as calculating past wage loss. To arrive at a future wage loss due to an accident, the advocate or the person in charge of making such calculations has to refer to the Ogden Actuarial tables. The insurance company will first find out the current earnings of the claimant. Once the currents earnings are established, the amount will be multiplied by a sum that is obtained from the Ogden Actuarial table. The figure arrived at will be the amount that the insurance company will pay the claimant for future loss of earnings. However, the claimant will be paid far less than the number of years than the claimant would have worked if the car had not met with an accident. The reason why the claimant is given less compensation is because the claimant is expected to invest the compensation received for future wage loss. Usually the claimant also suffers loss of a pension due to car accident. The claimant has to ensure that the loss of a pension is included in the report filed by the person who is calculating the future wage loss compensation.

Solatium is the term used by the insurance company to compensate the claimant for the pain and suffering. Solatium is the coverage of the non-financial loss that is experienced by the person involved in a car accident. Solatium will access the pain and suffering caused due to the accident. It will also consider any future pain and suffering which the claimant is likely to suffer due to the accident. For example if the claimant is unable to take part in any leisure activities due to the accident, this loss will be included in Solatium compensation.

Other services are those that the claimant may require after their accident. These services include assistance provided by family members and friends and other expenses incurred by the claimant. The claimant can also include fees paid to the physiotherapists for treatment given.

Claims made for car accident in Scotland are far more complex than claims made in other parts of the UK. I suggest you select an insurance company that offers easy settlement of personal injury claims. This will help in faster processing of claims if you are involved in a car accident in Scotland.

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