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Blog Resources: 2 Very Profitable Reasons to Invest in a Learn How to Blog Course

Many blog resources are necessary, eg, hosting, WordPress themes, plugins, etc. Hence, you don’t even question if you need them. However, there are other things that on the surface may not appear to necessary, eg, a course in how to blog.

Why would you need this? After all, once your blog is set up, all you have to do is log on and start typing, right? Well, actually, no; that is, if you’re going to take your blogging seriously and want to make real money at it.

A course in how to blog is as vital a blog resource as your hosting, your design, the plugins you use, etc. Following are two reasons why.

Inside Secrets: Every year since 2004, a leading tech industry site, Technorati, has released a “State of the Blogosphere” report. In 2010, they found that a whopping 64% of bloggers didn’t make ANY money from their blogs. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Furthermore, those who did report making some money weren’t making that much. The report stated:

“The majority of bloggers are not reporting any income from their blogs (64%), . . . the bloggers who are making money aren’t making much. Only 37 bloggers out of the total sample reported receiving a salary for their blogs, and only 2% reported being paid per post. Among those who are paid per post, 65% made less than $2,000 last year for those posts.”

Did you catch that — $2,000 per year for postings. That’s less than $5.50 per day. And the point of highlighting this information?

Blog resources like classes on how to blog give you access to insider secrets that successful bloggers have taken years to learn. You can shorten your success learning curve significantly by taking advantage of them.

More Opportunities: Once you take advantage of blog resources like this on how to do it right, it can lead to other opportunities.

One blogger put it best, saying in a BlogHerald article, “Personally, I have made money from my primary blog. However, the biggest income generator is not directly from my blog. In other words, having a blog has led to opportunities that I would not have been offered or privy to otherwise. I’d say for every $50 I make from the blog, I’ve made about four times that from other projects.”

In short, learning how to build a successful blog pays off in other ways, eg, JV partnerships, advertising opportunities, etc.

The Best Part about “Learning How to Blog” Courses

Many of these types of blog resources don’t cost a thing! That’s because many successful bloggers freely share this information – leveraging it to build trust and upsell visitors on other products and services. You can do the same once you build a successful blog.

I have grown my blog from a zero readership to one with over 100,000 social media, which translates into consistent sales. Learn more about how I can help you with blog resources like a free course that’ll show you how to make money blogging – good money. You can start part-time.