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Best Classroom Computer Training Solution RentalS votes.

Hire a state-of-the-art training Equipment Your Trainees Hands
If your company has bought all the equipment necessary for teaching the computer how long to stay up to date: Renting means new equipment, state-of-the-art equipment and compatibility of computer configurations. You can even specify the same model, monitor and keyboard for each participant.

Stay focused
Your Tech Travel Agent coordinates everything technical so you can concentrate on preparation for the training program should be to create additional time for training handouts and Microsoft PowerPoint ® Search presentations.

Trainers become technicians very quickly when training computer equipment belonging to the company, will not work.

The training of planners and the organizers know how difficult it can be to ‘work out the bugs.’ Before, during and after each training program: Throughput is the key to training results and efficiencies. If 20% of the computers do not work, you can have a training disaster on your hands.

Calculate all the costs
Add up all the costs and distractions from your computer training goals. Place value on your time, say, $ 100 per hour. Now multiply the time you and your staff spent on hardware setup, software installation, initial testing, supply, installation, maintenance and equipment at the end to take the training class.

Create a classroom with 10 computer
Here are 10 common problems that need to be made when a computer training session.

(1) Image (copy) the same versions of operating systems and software training on all the computers.
(2) Insert the wires or wireless devices for sound system, projectors, printers
(3) Insert the network routers, Switches and cables
(4) Tape all the wires for student safety
(5) Test network, av equipment and other equipment for an instructor
6. Check each student’s computer, check for proper installation works
(7) Troubleshoot, diagnose and fix all the problems with the installation
(8) To provide technical services during the training
(9) Have a spare computer equipment just in case.
10; Finally, computer training, disconnect, pickup and return of all equipment, as well as different parts of your company.

100, or 1,000 man hours.
How many hours it took to make you and your company’s employees are 10 classroom training setup, service and teardown services listed above.

Need Expert Help
Tech Travel Agents are experts in hardware and software for teaching a class at Tech Travel Agents remember all the necessary pieces and parts that easily get overlooked.

Focus on your core competence. Your computer training session. Do not be distracted by hardware and software problems, let us focus on our core competence. Your computer training hardware installation and management.

Your total cost is lower and the general indignation at Tech Travel Agents from Yes, indeed, the best computer RentalS computer classroom training solutions …….

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