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Beautiful Shower Baths for Modern Day Bathrooms

With the studio flats and smaller homes bathrooms too are getting smaller and smaller. It is very necessary to furnish your bathroom with certain luxuries and necessities in a smart way. The shower bath does just that. The bath and shower are combined into one. Hence the setup requires only the space that is needed for the tubs installation and you can have the pleasures of both. It offers the best of both worlds with a quick and refreshing shower for the hectic working days while a luxurious soak for relaxation during the weekends.

A shower bath can be placed along the wall for a fixed shower attachment on the wall. If the tub is big enough a cloud burst or a rain shower can be used at the ceiling above the tub. There are many ways and design ideas that can make it luxurious, compact as well as multipurpose. There are some tubs specially designed for a combination. In a standard bath having a shower might feel crammed. There are specially shaped baths that provide multipurpose utility making it comfortable while keeping the tub compact. They are designed in the shape of an L or a P. The L shaped tub has a bigger square at one of the ends this allows the user to utilise the space to enjoy an ample downpour. Similarly the P shaped bath also has a space for showering. The L shaped is a geometrical design and can be equipped with graceful bath screens to add further utility and value to the bathing space. The P shaped has a Curved shape for affixing a curved bath screen. The choice of the shower bath must depend on the style and the design elements you are planning for your bathroom or according to those that already exist. This allows the shower bath design to be in sync and eventually enhance the way with the other products and decor look in the bathroom.

If you want a traditional interior for your bathroom, but it is very small for a lavish bath and a separate shower then there is no need to be disheartened. You can have a lavish cast iron bath with the clawed feet and a rich combination. Just chuck the separate shower space idea and add some railings and grills to the cast iron bath that match with it clawed feet and taps. The grill should go up and form a nice shaped shower curtain rail. The shower head can be fixed to the grill and you have an extraordinary and a very rich and traditional shower bath to flaunt as a centre piece in your bathrooms.

Having a multipurpose shower bath gives you many options to choose from to wash yourself. The tub can be furnished with a rail kit as well as a shower mixer. This provides an option of washing with a handheld set as well as a fixed head and also a great soak in the tub. There is no need to have a separate enclosure for showering thus unnecessarily adding clutter. Keep some space to move around rather than cramming up smaller bathrooms. Save space and money and design the smaller bathrooms with smart products and designs for optimum utilisation.

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