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B-2-B Marketing

Are you familiar with B-2-B Marketing? B-2-B means “business-to-business” marketing in your collaterals such as your folded brochures and cheap brochures that help you increase your profits by having other organizations and companies market your products and services for you. You actually get other businesses to buy your products and services, which in turn, they resell to their target clients.

So how do you integrate this marketing process into your own marketing campaign such as your folded brochures? Simple. By following these easy techniques that can help you excel in B-2-B marketing:

This is a High-Quality-Product Zone only!
As what President Barack Obama said of the ‘no-fly-zone’ during his recent interview, if you want to be successful in business-to-business marketing, you need to be able to offer only high grade quality products and services even in your cheap brochures. No more of the mediocre offerings. With very stiff competition in the commercial industry, you can’t very well give your target clients with something that is neither here nor there. You just can’t do business without giving your target clients an offer of great value. This means providing them more value for their money. In addition, you’d do well to remember to provide offerings not only of high quality, but of something that only you can provide. This would mean a solution to a problem that hasn’t been solved yet even by your best competition.

Benefits! Benefits! Benefits!
No more talking about you and what you have accomplished in your folded brochures. No one cares. If you want to convince your target audience to buy your products and services, then give them the benefits of doing so. What’s in it for them? Let them know the benefits even before they actually purchase your product. Tell them of how you can solve a pressing concern, especially one that hasn’t been answered yet for a very long time. The key is to find out what your target clients are looking for and then provide the solution to that particular need. It’s easier to sell a product that they want, rather than explain to them something that they have yet to find a need for it.

Anybody for discounts?
Provide special price cuts and discounts should your clients order in bulk. Giving your customers some perks when they do business with you will go a long way in having them go back to you again and again for their needs.

Give them concrete examples of how your business helped your customers. Provide testimonials and recommendations in your cheap brochures. Showing your target clients that there are real people who actually benefited from your business can get them convinced of your value.

Don’t forget to cross-sell.
Since you’re marketing your bestsellers, why not include your other products and services in the package? Don’t leave a prospect without you offering them the other items in your list. Not only do you maximize your chance of marketing your business, you also optimize your opportunity to increase your profits from your clients.

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