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Articles – An Internet Marketing Survival Skill!

In the highly competitive world of internet marketing it is important to attract highly targeted traffic to your website. This is something that certainly cannot be overemphasized. Sending targeted traffic to your website is the only means of survival in the world of internet marketing. Getting and retaining high search engine ranking can be a very difficult task. Fortunately, there are a host of promotion techniques you can use to drive targeted traffic to your website. One of the best techniques available is article writing.

Here is how can article writing can help improve your web traffic. This strategy can help explode your internet marketing business.

1. Increases Your Website Link Popularity

Instead of trying to establish reciprocal links with other websites, you can by simply submitting an article get hundreds of one way links to your own website. Just do not forget to include one or two links to your site in your resource box. When various other websites pickup and publish your article, you automatically get a link partner. You should try to get as many link partners as possible. Link popularity is one of the factors used by search engines in determining search engine rankings. Make your article especially useful and appealing, so that more websites will be encouraged to publish it.

2. Increase Your Exposure By Reaching More People

Well written articles should be shared with other people. This can be done by posting your articles on your own website or by you submitting them to article directories, e-zines and other online publishers. Submitting your articles to these sites will give exposure to both your ideas and your website. Just remember to add a resource box with a link back to your website. This will give you loads of exposure as well as free advertising. By submitting your articles to popular e-zines and article directories you take advantage of their popularity. Others looking for relevant content to their sites will be able find your article and add it to their website providing link back to you. This will increase your link popularity, which is one of the most important strategies in the internet marketing world. Just remember that most people are looking for quality information online. You can fill this requirement by writing your high quality article while at the same time reaping the benefit of more exposure and higher website traffic.

3. Obtain Higher Search Engine Ranking

You can create a new web page for your article and place it on your website. Make sure that you optimize your article to make it search-engine friendly. Your will need to use top-ranked keywords and Meta tags to help give your website a higher search engine ranking.

4. Get Free Advertising

By submitting your articles to article directories, e-zines and other websites you provide your website a valuable opportunity to advertise without having to pay. Your articles should avoid marketing language when ever possible though. Your article should be informative and useful to your readers. Your website advertisement comes in the form or a link to your website within the resource box you provide. One of the main benefits of writing an article is that you become known as an expert in your area of marketing. People tend to buy in greater quantities from experts. Just remember, the high quality content in your article is far better and more effective than a few lines of advertisement. A good article provides you with a very special opportunity to pre-sell your products and services to prospective customers.

Your articles might receive feedback and testimonies once you place them in article directories and e-zines. You should record all of the positive feedback and comments you get and then use them as promotional material on your website. Your credibility will be enhanced greatly by this feedback. It will create a good impression on your prospects as well as your existing customers. Excellent credibility and trust may be the very things you need to attract new customers or retain your existing customers as loyal patrons. Article writing is an important tool you should utilize to improve and explode your business.

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