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An Amazing Checklist: 13 Things and Stuffs You Can Toss Out Of Your Life and Home Right Now

We don’t realize it but having too much stuff inside our own homes can actually result to stagnancy and disorganization.

Have you ever felt that something’s holding you back towards having your dream life and home?

Does it seem like even though you’re buying and getting all the stuff you want for your home, something is still missing? If this is the case, you might need to get some of those things out of your life and begin a simpler and more convenient living.

There are actually lots of things and stuff that we store and displays in our dwellings that are useless.

These things are the same things that make us feel so disorganized and all messed up. As a result, we usually are bothered by it and yet we still do nothing to address it.

The only solution is to make a list of all those things that’s cluttering your home and life and general and start getting rid of them.

Food – if you love food, surely you’ve got lots of it in your fridge and drawers. You can even reach a point that you lose track of those you’ve purchased earlier and they reach their expiration date. You can get rid of the excess food not by throwing them away but putting those that are near the expiry date on the priority menu.

Kitchen tools – there are lots of kitchen tools like knives, spatulas, and scrapers that double or triple in number because you always seem to buy new ones when you can’t seem to locate the old ones you’ve never even used before. So what you need to do is get a box, sort the kitchen tools out and then put those that you opt not to use anymore. Retain the ones you use most often in the kitchen storage drawers.

Mugs and cups – the cupboard is one of the most abused spaces in the house. Although there are only five people in the house, the coffee mugs placed in there amount to more than 20. Keep the one that use the most and put away the others in storage. There’s no need to get rid of them completely, especially when it is a gift from a friend or someone special.

Plastic containers – these things just keep coming in. We don’t realize that we add the number of plastic containers in our homes almost each day. You can get rid of them especially when they have served their purpose.

Flower vases – flower vases consume too much space especially when you got many of them. There’s actually no need to place as much as ten vases in the living room. Throw them out if you want.
Paper and documents – let’s exclude love letter here. As you enter the main door in your house, you’ll probably see a piece of paper located somewhere. All of us get this habit of placing documents, envelopes, and paper to any area. What happens next is we don’t realize it’s actually making the house look ugly and all messed up.

Magazines – magazines must have stands. They don’t belong in the sofa, bed, or chair. After finishing reading, put them in a storage room or box. If you’re generous enough, donate them!

Mail – a pile of mail and bills is so annoying to see but we’re doing nothing to organize it. It seems like we’re getting used to seeing it that way. The problem begins when you need to find one mail that you need in a hurry. You don’t have to go through all of them if only you throw away those that you don’t need any more in the first place.

Wires and cords – this is stuff in the house that can make your place so messy and chaotic. Organize them in a way that they look presentable. Use tie wires or anything like it.

Old gadgets – your old TV is beside your new LED. What’s the purpose? If you can’t secure a place to store old gadgets such as TVs, mobile phones, and telephones, you might as well donate them to other people.

Old clothes – don’t think that having a closet full of old clothes makes you look extravagant. The rule is simple – if you don’t wear it, get rid of it.

Toys – in a house where there are a lot of kids, it’s quite normal to find lots of toys as well. In order to address this mess problem, the best thing to do is teach your kids to donate them when don’t want them anymore.

Finally, the most important thing you need to toss out of your life is your negative mentality and attitude. Emphasize the importance of cleaning up and organizing things and you’ll soon realize the benefits of it.

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