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5 Hidden Traffic Treasures to Massively Dominate Your Blog Traffic in No Time Flat!

One sneaky little way to unleash lots of blog traffic is to produce link clusters within your blog sites. Take 10 of your blog posts articles that have relevant content and create one way links back to the blog you want to increase traffic to.

You are creating one way links by inserting anchor text (keyword/URL) into the post you want to get blog traffic to. There are blog software programs that can automate one way links for you; however, this article is about organic traffic. I am going to show you how to force your blog traffic to increase without spending a nickel, no blog program, blog tool or 3rd party involved. You can use these methods to demand authority and crush your competition on any keyword in any niche.

If you notice your blog traffic is dying and your ranking is hurting go back to your blog post and freshen up you HTML title tags. By changing your posts HTML titles to add the keywords that are already ranked for traffic in the search engines you can improve the rankings and breathe life back into your blog traffic.

Very few sites drive traffic like MySpace and the volume of traffic just keeps getting bigger. You want to become tiny MySpace owners and demand as much activity as they entertain day after day. How do we accomplish this task?

Simple, invite your blog readers to connect with you on social networks such as blog cataloge, MySpace, twitter, and visit blog forums. You can even automate your social activities on MySpace with a software tool called friend blaster. Add a great list builder blog tool called a widget on your blogs page side bar that will make your blog site a contact manager.

Videos have been known to make blogs sticky holding you visitors hostage, decreasing your Google bounce rate and sky rocketing your blog traffic off the chart.

In order to maximize your blog traffic efforts it is important to keep your best posts for the busiest parts of the week. When you think about traffic consider yourself and the days of the week you are searching on the internet.

Hold on to your best posts for the best parts of the week. No sense in writing a knock out article on a Sunday afternoon when all the traffic is on the highway going to the mall.

Going over your blogs stats to determine the best day and time of the day to release your blog traffic glue. If you are hosting your own blog your hosting company should have traffic stats in the admin section. Google offers a free analytical tool that you can embed in most blog site even free ones.

Use the tips here as a check sheet when analyzing your blog traffic for maximum results. Choose your niche, pick out your keywords, optimize your blog post with your chosen keywords. You only need 1 main keyword and 5 relevant keywords.

Keyword density should be about 2% of total word count. Post your article on your blog, then write articles same keywords different text. Wait a week then check your ranking, your traffic visit and earning.

If you have not earned any money from the traffic generate then your probably not generating enough traffic or you page content is not relevant to the key words you are using. Fix it or you will never make any money.

Follow the guidelines above. Do not forget in order to get traffic back to your blog and pages leave your signature when interacting with the members there.

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