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4 Reasons Why Spring Is Considered The Best Season to Install Solar Panels

In order to maximize solar investment, perfect timing is essential. Most Oregon homeowners tend to repair or replace their roofs during the spring season. Spring is also an ideal time to install solar panels because you do not have to worry about potential solar panel damages or the solar panels outlasting your roof. Here are four essential reasons why now is the perfect season going into the summer to install solar panels:

1.     Banking your Excess Energy Credits

If you are not familiar with excess energy credits, contact your local solar company to be enlightened. Nowadays, you have an opportunity to get solar energy credits from your utility provider if you produce excess solar energy. Ergo, Oregon solar companies advise homeowners to install solar panels during spring or colder months to use these credits during the hotter months. Install solar panels in the spring to be ready for summer, and other months you have to use your credits.

2.     Enjoy Faster Solar Panel Installation

Oregon solar companies get busier as more schools, homes, businesses, and companies switch to solar. If you wait until summer to install solar panels, there are higher chances you will wait longer than intended. Also, unpredictable weather, for instance, monsoons or hot temperatures, can extend the installation timeline. If you are not familiar with solar installation procedures or requirements, you may want to seek advice from a solar company. 

3.     Get Summer Ready

Solar panel installation is an extensive process that involves acquiring permits, inspections, and equipment needed. To avoid wasting a lot of time, homeowners are advised to install solar panels during the spring season. Having installed your system in spring ensures your home or business is ready in summer (hotter months).

4.     Cost-effectiveness

Installing solar panels is an expensive investment that makes business & homeowners alike try to minimize the cost. One of the ways you can reduce solar panel installation cost is via solar energy tax credits & deductions. For instance, if you buy less energy from your solar power company, you will save considerable money to reduce the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels. Also, during the hottest summer months, you can generate excess power, which you call sell back to the grid, thus saving installation and consumption costs.

Since there are numerous Oregon solar companies, it is not easy to make the right choice. Virtual solar consultations can help you make the right choice and minimize installation costs.