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3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Workers’ Comp Attorney

Worker’s compensation cases can be difficult to navigate without the counsel of an employment attorney who can explain your rights when you suffer a workplace accident. While most people believe work injuries only occur in hazardous occupations involving heavy machinery such as warehouse workers or construction, the truth is that an accident by nature is unpredictable and can happen to anyone regardless of the nature of their occupation.

Gallardo Law Firm’s lead Worker’s Compensation attorney, Elvis John Adan is devoted to attentively on behalf of his clients while offering top level of know-how in matters of labor law and workers compensation. An avid defender of employee rights, Elvis Adan knows the worker’s compensation landscape like the back of his hand.

Here, Adan tells us three things you should consider before hiring a Worker’s Compensation Attorney.

Knowledge Of The Physicians And Doctors In The Workers’ Compensation System

The doctors that the insurance company sends injured workers to are usually on the conservative side and will give medical opinions in order to limit treatment so the insurance companies do not have to spend a lot of money on your claim. The most important claim that can be made is to use the one-time change of physician request in order for me to get you to a doctor that I know will give you the correct amount of treatment necessary to get you better.

Trial Experience

If there are benefits that are being denied by the insurance company and you cannot resolve them after claiming them by way of mediation or any other amicable route, then the only way to get them to provide the denied benefit would be to take the case to trial and to prevail at trial. The Judge of Compensation Claims is the only person that can force the insurance company to provide any denied benefit.

Employment Law Experience

A lot of times an injured worker goes to see an attorney for his/her Workers’ Compensation claim and that attorney will only have experience in Workers’ Compensation cases. Unfortunately a lot of people that have an accident at work also have other problems or issues with their employer such as a wrongful termination, discrimination or unpaid overtime. If that attorney does not have the knowledge to work those other types of employment cases then injured worker might be losing out on the ability to file those other cases.

At the Gallardo Law Firm, we understand no one wants to be in a position where they have to call an attorney. Most people are concerned with paying attorney’s fees and unnecessarily drawing out what is seemingly an easy worker’s compensation claim. Having an employment attorney defend your rights during a worker’s compensation claim can make all the difference in the amount of compensation you receive and whether or not your medical bills are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance company. If you are injured on the job, don’t go up against the insurance companies alone, contact an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney who will fight to defend your rights.