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11 Ways Make Up With Your Mom: What You Disagree About and What You Can Do About It

American writer Pearl S. Buck once said, “Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together.”

This quote epitomizes the role our moms play in our lives. In fact, there is no other person that can influence us greater than them.

Nonetheless, the kind of relationship we have with our moms is not always smooth sailing.

There are a lot of times when we disagree on practically everything and even end up fighting. If this happens to you and your mom, here are eleven ways that will help you make up. Just remember that you must have the initiative to make the first move.

Disagreements are part of the life in the family. Obviously, you don’t want to end up tearing the relationship apart. Do the best way to keep everything in check and balance is to lower down your pride when disagreements happen. After all, pride is also the reason why you often disagree with each other.

Listening is another way to make up with your mom. There are certain times when we become so upset with our mothers that we begin to ignore what they have to say. If you’re doing this, you’re certainly at fault, regardless of who started the disagreement. If you want to make it up to her, listen to what she has to say.

Apologizing is connected to lowering of pride. Moms are very sensitive and they tend to emotionally absorb it when their children shout at them or fight with them. Remember that every mother wants only what’s best for their son or daughter. So whenever she scolds you about something, don’t think of it as an expression of dislike. It is actually a manifestation of love and care. So in order to make it up, do your part – apologize.

You don’t have to agree on everything that your mother says. However, you have to put in mind as well that disagreeing does not always result to arguing. Your mom knows more about you than yourself. So whenever she tries to give you an advice and you don’t agree with it always, just state your case and promise to keep the advice in mind. Never settle for an argument since it will likely end up in a fight.

If you have done something wrong or wasn’t able to perform something she asked of you, make up by doing the same chore, but this time, with your best effort. You can also give her something that will erase the disappointment. You see, making up isn’t always about doing things that happen once in a blue moon. Even the simplest things like being responsible will get the job done.

Telling you mom on a regular basis that you love her is quite different when you show it to her. This means that if you want to make up and heal the broken relationship you have with your mother, change the way you treat her. Make her feel that she is loved and although you always disagree, you’re still there for her. Mothers easily get the feeling of pity for themselves especially when it is their own children who hate them. So never commit the mistake of building hate and anger towards her.

Making up with your mom after a disagreement is easy if you stand down. Keep your emotions in check. Bear in mind that people with bad temper are also the ones who will likely develop a stained relationship with the family.

We mentioned earlier that listening to your mom is a good way of patching things up. However, it should also be combined with your ability to talk and open up. This means that you have to be strong and committed in airing out your side on the disagreement. This way, you mom will realize that you have a point as well.

When you want to preserve the good relationship you have, never fail to share your experiences and opinions. For instance, a child-mother relationship falls apart as the child starts to distance himself/herself. If you do want to repair a damaged relationship, earn your mother’s trust and confidence by sharing to her virtually everything about you, even those that are not important and do not make sense. Mothers love it very much when their children approach them to find someone to talk to.

Majority of disagreements spring out of the mistake committed by you. Moms in turn scold you for it. Nevertheless, no matter how hard you argue, our moms still know what’s best for us. So in order to make it up to her, promise her that you will follow her rules and abide by them.

Lastly, make sure you’re rational when you’re facing adversities with the relationship you have with your mom. Never let emotions and anger overcome and overpower your rationality. The things that you can say and do in a state of irrationality can lead to very negative consequences both on you and your mother. So keep your cool, think and talk wisely.

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