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10 Tips On Taking Care Of Your Swimming Pool Or Home Spa

Owning a swimming pool or hot tub is a luxury, but if you fall behind on taking care of it you end up with a lot of work to do. If pool owners think you can just check the pH balance once a month, change the swimming pool filter cartridge a few times a year, and skim off the leaves every so often, think again. This is a recipe for disaster! A pool can attract and grow all sorts of bacteria, mold, algae, and insects that can permanently damage your beautiful investment.

Here are 10 tips to keeping up with the maintenance of your swimming pool.

1-The most important key to keeping up on your pool or spa is to be consistent and regular about maintaining it. If you let things build up, it will be so much harder to get the water clean again.

2-Change your Hayward pool filter cartridge once a swimming season, sometimes just once every other swimming season. Exceptions to this are if the pool filter pressure stays low enough.

3-Use leaf nets every day to pick up leaves and branches.

4-Use a pool chemical testing kit once a week to check on your water’s balance. If you suspect problems in between normal pH checkups (such as cloudy water or foam), then check it also.

5-Clean your filter often. A good rule of thumb is to clean your pool filter cartridge every time the pressure reaches 10 psi.

6-Don’t clean your pool filter with high-pressure hose (such as hose attachments you would use to clean the side of the house with). You may get the filters super clean, but you’ll be damaging them every time you clean it and you’ll have to replace the filter more often.

7-If you wonder how you can prolong the life of my pool filter, you might want to look into buying filter savers, which are inexpensive, disposable liners that keep debris from accumulating on the pool filter. They usually sell for about one to two dollars each.

8-If you can’t keep up on the pool every week, hiring a pool cleaning and maintenance service is always an option. However, most pool owners find that if you keep up on your pool doing a little every other day or so, your pool will be in good shape and you will end up saving a lot of money.

9-Avoid overdoing the chlorine, since it can damage your eyes, lungs, and with the pool’s motor.

10-Use a pool cover during cool months when you won’t be using the pool.

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